Walls of Shame: Accounts from the Inside. The Detention Centres of Evros

April 2012

What we have observed in Evros area is a multilevel deterrence system implemented by the Greek police and Frontex. The detention of refugees and migrants in Evros is synonimous with brutality, despair and dehumanisation. In this case, calling an emergency of «mass-immigration» has given the Greek government and the EU an excuse for violating human dignity.

Greece has been repeatedly criticised for its human rights violations, specifically for the appalling detention conditions for immigrants in the border region Evros. Following this harsh criticism, the Greek government declared its commitment to improve the asylum and reception system and therefore announced a national Action Plan 2010. However, so far there have been almost no improvements. Human rights violations continue.

Editors: PRO ASYL Foundation and Friends of PRO ASYL in co-operation with the Greek Council for Refugees and Infomobile/Welcome to Europe