“The situation in Greece is out of control” – Research into the situation of asylum seekers in Greece

November 2008

Carried out by Karl Kopp, PRO ASYL’s Director of European Affairs, from October 20th to 28th 2008

My research focused on the situation of asylum seekers and individuals returned to the Greek capital on the basis of the Dublin II Regulation. I spoke personally to many refugees as well as representatives of civil society, the UNHCR and the Ministry for Health between October 20th and 28th 2008. Time and again I was told, “the situation is out of control“.

Whatever the position or function of the Greeks I spoke to, there was total agreement on one point: Greece is unable to meet current asylum requirements. Greek critics of the government’s asylum policy also say that this small country could not cope with the current humanitarian crisis, even if the political will was there.