Memorandum For a free choice of host country in the EU – Respecting refugees’ interests

Juni 2015

With this posi­ti­on paper, the signa­to­ry asso­cia­ti­ons have respon­ded to the cur­rent cri­sis of the Euro­pean asyl­um system.

To resol­ve it, they recom­mend intro­du­cing the prin­ci­ple of refu­gees free­ly choo­sing the sta­te in which they seek refuge.

Her­aus­ge­ber: Arbei­ter­wohl­fahrt Bun­des­ver­band e.V., Dia­ko­nie Deutsch­land – Evan­ge­li­scher Bun­des­ver­band, Der Pari­tä­ti­sche Wohl­fahrts­ver­band e.V., Deut­scher Anwalt­ver­ein, Jesui­ten-Flücht­lings­dienst Deutsch­land, Neue Rich­ter­ver­ei­ni­gung e.V., PRO ASYL

For­mat: DIN A5, 32 Seiten