Legal note on the legal status & living conditions of a Syrian asylum-seeker upon his return to Greece under the Dublin-Regulation

Dezember 2019

The Legal Note pre­sen­ted by the foun­da­ti­on PRO ASYL and Refu­gee Sup­port Aege­an is based on an Expert Opi­ni­on (dated 29.7.2019) pro­vi­ded by RSA’s lawy­er, Ms Mari­an­na Tze­fera­kou, to the Admi­nis­tra­ti­ve Court of Munich. The Note pro­vi­des legal ana­ly­sis regar­ding the legal sta­tus and the living con­di­ti­ons of a Syri­an asyl­um appli­cant in case of his return from Ger­ma­ny to Greece under the Dub­lin Regulation.

  • It pres­ents con­cerns on the effec­ti­ve­ness of the asyl­um pro­ce­du­re in Greece in rela­ti­on to the appli­ca­ti­on of the ‘safe third coun­try’ con­cept and Turkey;
  • the likeli­ne­ss of the applicant’s cla­im being rejec­ted at the second and third instance;
  • infor­ma­ti­on on the detenti­on and living con­di­ti­ons that the appli­cant will face upon his return to Greece;
  • an ana­ly­sis of the lack of safeguards/ effec­ti­ve reme­dy in the event of his read­mis­si­on to Turkey.

The Legal Note con­ta­ins updates until the first week of Novem­ber 2019 to reflect the serious dete­rio­ra­ti­on of recep­ti­on con­di­ti­ons in the hot­spots of the Aege­an Islands and the recent chan­ges in Greek asyl­um legislation.