In the Shadow of the Citadel – the Impact of the European Migration Regime on „third Countries“

März 2014

European control of refugee- and migration movement does not start at Europe’s external borders, but reaches far beyond. By trying to control and influence the immigration and emigration policies of its bordering states, the European Union has virtually created an extraterritorial zone of isolation and containment of fleeing and migration beyond its borders.

The following studies on Senegal, Mauritania, Tunisia, Turkey and the Republic of Moldova exemplify what is taking place in the shadow of the European citadel. They demonstrate how the guidelines and extraterritorial interventions of the European counter-migration measures close down spaces previously open for transit and temporary stays, how these spaces are transformed into prison-like locations for refugees and migrants, and how social cohesion and sustainable potential for development are undermined in the populations involved.

EDITORS: Bread for the World – Protestant Development Service, medico international, Foundation PRO ASYL / Friends of PRO ASYL