„I came here for Peace“ – The systematic ill-treatment of migrants and refugees by state agents in Patras

Juni 2012

As we docu­ment in the fol­lo­wing report, sta­te offi­ci­als sys­te­ma­ti­cal­ly ill-tre­at refu­gees and migrants in Patras.

Throug­hout the past 15 years hundreds of migrants and refu­gees (undo­cu­men­ted or not) have been living in Patras in impro­vi­sed shel­ters see­king to stow away on fer­ries bound for Ita­ly. This report con­ta­ins num­e­rous alle­ga­ti­ons of the ill-tre­at­ment of migrants and refu­gees by poli­ce and other officials.

Edi­tors: PRO ASYL Foun­da­ti­on and Fri­ends of PRO ASYL in co-ope­ra­ti­on with the Greek Coun­cil for Refugees