Expert Opinion: The Situation of Afghan Refugees in Turkey

März 2021

Stif­tung PRO ASYL com­mis­sio­ned this expert opi­ni­on from an expe­ri­en­ced inter­na­tio­nal lawy­er with the aim of high­light­ing the situa­ti­on of Afghan refu­gees in Tur­key in 2020. It focu­ses on major obs­ta­cles to bene­fit­ting from pro­tec­tion in Tur­key. The name of the aut­hor remains anony­mous for safe­ty reasons. The final ver­si­on has been edi­ted by Stif­tung PRO ASYL.

Com­mis­sio­ned by PRO ASYL Foundation
For­mat: DIN A4, 28 pages