PRO ASYL is an independent voice raised for human rights and refugee protection in Germany and Europe. Its work is financed solely by membership fees, donations and grants from its foundation / from foundations.

“Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution” (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 14). Photo: Picture Alliance

PRO ASYL was founded in 1986 by members of refugee councils, churches, trade unions, welfare and human rights organisations. They wanted to counteract the rightwing, racist incitement to ill feeling against asylum seekers and to campaign for the protection of victims of persecution. These concerns are just as urgent today.

Our work is made possible by our many sponsors, donors and Foundation members. Thanks to their support we are politically and financially independent. It is important for PRO ASYL to maintain close connections with a strong democratic, humanitarian and human rights-oriented civil society. And every year more and more people support our work for refugees.

The work of PRO ASYL has received many awards: the Bonhoeffer Prize in 1998, the Aachen Peace Prize in 2001, the Theodor Heuss Medal in 2008, the special award of the Osnabrück Peace Prize in 2011 and the Göttingen Peace Prize in 2012.

An overview of our organisation

PRO ASYL e.V. is a public-benefit association that finances assistance for refugees and secures the independent work of PRO ASYL.

The PRO ASYL Advisory Council has existed since 1986. It is made up of members of refugee councils, churches, trade unions, human rights organisations and welfare associations for the protection of refugees and persecuted persons. It founded the support association in 1988.

The PRO ASYL Foundation enables those supporting the work for refugees to place it on a sustainable basis through endowing it with substantial gifts or legacies.

Refugee councils are our cooperation partners at the level of the German federal states. They accompany initiatives at the local level and keep in contact with the persons concerned.

Beyond the work in our own organisational structures, PRO ASYL cooperates with other human and civil rights organizations, playing an active part in networks and coalitions at the German and European level.