Advocating for refugee protection and human rights is a central responsibility of our organisation. We intervene in the public debate in order to oppose racist agitation with the voice of reason and humanity. We issue background briefings on decisions relevant to refugee policy and human rights at the German and European level. We lobby in respect to asylum policy legislation in order to defend the legitimate interests and needs of refugees.

Refugees need a voice: the executive board members, ordinary members and staff of PRO ASYL take part in debates, give presentations and draft specialist and legal opinions. They talk to political parties and contribute to German and European institutions supporting refugees and their rights. PRO ASYL is a member of the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), a Europe-wide association of 90 non-governmental organisations to protect refugees and asylum-seekers.

Media and press relations: with its news and press releases on everyday political issues PRO ASYL contributes to forming a critical civil society public. We are available to the media to comment on refugee and asylum policy issues.

Social media: we contribute to communicating the facts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and thereby to an open, fair culture of debate.

Leaflets, brochures, newsletters: these are another way of briefing our members, donors and the public at large about particularly relevant issues.

Specialist publications: we keep politicians, associations and interested readers informed by means of comprehensive documentations and publications, in Germany and also at the European level. These publications particularly concern policies regarding refugees and human rights, as well as the finer points of asylum law.

Campaigns: PRO ASYL impacts on the formation of public opinion with political campaigns and cooperation arrangements. Our campaigns focus on human and refugee rights, the EU’s closed border policy and opposition to racism and rightwing extremism.

Securing independent financing: the work of PRO ASYL would be impossible without our regular donors and the many people who give us the occasional donation. Our work is almost exclusively financed by membership fees, donations and grants from foundations. All support is welcome!