Continuation of irresponsible deportations

PRO ASYL: The historical responsibility is denied

The readmission agreements signed by Germany and Kosovo have legalized what has already been irresponsible practice – the deportation to Kosovo of members of minorities (Roma, Ashkali and others), who will have to deal with massive discrimination and a life at the sidelines of dumping grounds.

PRO ASYL considers the deportations of Roma people unaccountable especially seen in the context of Germanys’ historical responsibility. Hundreds of thousands were victims of the Holocaust, a great many of them in the Balkans. Germany has not accepted its consequent moral obligation.

Not only NGOs, but also high-level representatives of the Kosovar government have pointed out to difficulties arising from the deportation to the country. The Kosovar Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Nenad Rasic, made clear in an interview given to the ZDF in January, why Kosovo had to submit to German interests.

Concessions in terms of readmission were “one of the conditions, to talk about the various aspects of cooperation in respect of Kosovo´s further future in the first place.” Assistance for the new arrivals have been difficult.

Since last summer members of the Roma minority are to be deported to Kosovo. About 10,000 Kosovo Roma still living here are threatened by deportation. Due to the limitation of 2,500 deportations per year it looks like the sword of Damocles will be hanging over the Kosovo Romas for several years.

“There will be no mass deportations”, stated de Maizière. What is meant by his propagated policy of gradual return, becomes obvious every month at the airports of Duesseldorf and Baden-Baden, where the flights are filled with members of the Roma and Ashkali minorities, families with children, elderly and sick people.

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