Two migrants dead, two severely injured as result of European pressure

According to reports from Moroccan NGOs, security forces have fired shots at people trying to leave the country by boat in the night of July 30/31 in Laâyoune (South Morocco). Supposedly, two refugees have died and two more were severly injured. In Pro Asyl’s opinion, this excessive use of violence reflects the pressure on Morocco exerted by the European Union to prevent right from the start any attempt to reach the Canaries.

NGOs from Morocco, France and Germany have issued a joint statement wherein they criticize this latest outburst of violence as well as a new wave of raids against people from Sub-Saharan Africa. From all over Morocco migrants are shipped close to the Algerian border and kept from leaving there. Near the town of Oujda a large open-air detention centre is emerging.

Bernd Mesovic

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