Appeal to the European Par­li­a­ment „Stop the death trap at the European Bor­ders!“

On the 60th Anni­ver­s­a­ry of the Uni­ver­sal Decla­ra­ti­on of Human Rights, PRO ASYL is pre­sen­ting a peti­ti­on to the European Par­li­a­ment which is addres­sing the most urgent and sad­dest chap­ter of the European asyl­um and migra­ti­on poli­cy: the dying of thousands at our outer bor­ders. More than 1500 docu­men­ted cases of deaths at the doors of Euro­pe over the last 12 mon­ths illus­tra­te a serious human rights record.

The European bor­der regime vio­la­tes the right to life, the right to seek asyl­um and human digni­ty on a dai­ly basis. Boats car­ry­ing refu­gees are pur­sued and dri­ven away in inter­na­tio­nal waters and ter­ri­to­ri­al waters of coun­tries of ori­gin and tran­sit ali­ke.

The increa­sed defence at the bor­ders forces per­sons to take lon­ger and more dan­ge­rous flight rou­tes and results in increa­sed mor­ta­li­ty rates at the bor­ders.

Near­ly 30.000 citi­zens, pre­do­mi­nant­ly from Ger­ma­ny, and human rights orga­ni­sa­ti­on from 17 European coun­tries are sup­por­ting the peti­ti­on and are appe­aling to the European Par­li­a­ment not to acquie­sce in the crea­ti­on and tole­ran­ce of ‚human rights free zones‘ at the bor­ders of the EU. PRO ASYL belie­ves that respect for the 1951 Refu­gee Con­ven­ti­on and the European Con­ven­ti­on on Human Rights at the European bor­der and at sea is vital in order to put an end to the dying of thousands.

Actions by the European bor­der agen­cy FRONTEX which vio­la­te human rights must be stop­ped. Tho­se see­king pro­tec­tion have the right to be brought into a safe European har­bour and have their claims for pro­tec­tion asses­sed in a fair asyl­um deter­mi­na­ti­on pro­ce­du­re. The European Par­li­a­ment con­trols the bud­get and is cal­led upon to make full use of its influ­ence to con­trol FRONTEX.

Karl Kopp

Direc­tor of European Affairs, Exec Mem­ber of ECRE (European Coun­cil on Refu­gees and Exi­les).

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