PRO ASYL: End complicity with Gaddafi

On occasion of the World Refugee Day PRO ASYL again calls on the European Union and its member states to end co-operation with Libya in the field of migration control. „If Europe has the slightest interest in regaining decency and credibility concerning human rights issues, it has to end complicity with Gaddafi, which represents the bloodiest chapter of the current refugee policy so far“, said Karl Kopp, PRO ASYL Director for European Affairs. Europe takes the share of responsibility for serious human rights violations.

PRO ASYL welcomes the unambiguous condemnation of Libya by the European Parliament yesterday, referring to the systematic human rights violations against refugees. The members of the European Parliament call on the EU member states and on the European border agency FRONTEX to stop deportation and push backs to Libya. The resolution states that „cases of mistreatment, torture and killing have been reported in detention centres for refugees, as well as the abandonment of refugees on the deserted borders between Libya and other African countries”. The European Parliament reminds the member states and the Commission of the fact that in Gaddafi’s dictatorial regime “refugees constantly risk being deported to their states of origin and transit without the Geneva Convention criteria being respected, putting them at risk of persecution and death“.

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