Shadow Report CAT

April 2019

Imple­men­ta­ti­on by Ger­ma­ny of the Con­ven­ti­on against Tor­tu­re and Other Cru­el, Inhu­man or Degra­ding Tre­at­ment or Punish­ment (CAT) – Par­al­lel Report of PRO ASYL e.V.

The docu­ment will high­light the lack of sys­te­ma­tic access to inde­pen­dent, qua­li­fied and free-of-char­ge pro­ce­du­ral legal coun­se­ling pri­or to the asyl­um inter­view in Ger­ma­ny. Such coun­se­ling is important to ensu­re the reco­gni­ti­on of pro­tec­tion needs to pre­vent a vio­la­ti­on of Art. 3 of the Convention.

Com­mis­sio­ned by PRO ASYL
For­mat: Din A4, 5 pages