Legal opinion on the refoulement practice under the German-Greek »Seehofer Agreement«

May 2019

Legal opi­ni­on by Prof. Dr. Anna Lüb­be on the com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty of the refou­le­ment prac­ti­ce under the Ger­man-Greek »See­ho­fer Agree­ment« with Uni­on-law requi­re­ments for effec­ti­ve legal remedies.

The ana­ly­sed case rai­ses many legal ques­ti­ons about Ger­man and Euro­pean law, e.g. on the admis­si­bi­li­ty of inter­nal bor­der checks, the limits to ent­ry refu­sals and detenti­ons for asyl­um see­kers, the modi­fia­bi­li­ty of Dub­lin pro­ce­du­res, deal­ing with asyl­um see­kers who are reco­g­nisable as espe­ci­al­ly vul­nerable, and legal remedy.

Com­mis­sio­ned by: Prof. Dr. Anna Lübbe
For­mat: DIN A4, 12 pages