Case study: Returned recognized refugees face a dead-end in Greece

January 2019

During the past four months, RSA/PRO ASYL have docu­men­ted the living con­di­ti­ons of a four-mem­ber fami­ly of reco­gni­zed refu­gees, who were retur­ned to Greece from Switz­er­land at the end August 2018.

The family’s dif­fi­cult situa­ti­on, inclu­ding home­l­ess­ness and per­sis­tent inse­cu­ri­ty about their liveli­hood and future, high­lights the plight of many reco­gni­zed refu­gees in Greece, par­ti­cu­lar­ly tho­se retur­ned by other Euro­peans countries.

Com­mis­sio­ned by PRO ASYL Foun­da­ti­on & Refu­gee Sup­port Aegean
For­mat: DIN A4, 6 pages