Here we want to give you basic infor­ma­ti­on on fre­quent­ly asked ques­ti­ons. This can gene­ral­ly not replace an indi­vi­du­al advice ses­si­on but can be a help.

First aid against Dublin deportations

A lar­ge num­ber of all asyl­um see­kers in Ger­ma­ny are at risk of being depor­ted to other EU sta­tes, whe­re the con­di­ti­ons for refu­gees are fre­quent­ly unac­cep­ta­ble. The brochu­re “Ers­te Hil­fe gegen Dub­lin-Abschie­bun­gen” offers an over­view of the legal frame­work, the cen­tral decisi­ons and tips for pos­si­ble counter-strategies.

Informationsverbund Asyl: Guides to refugee law and different forms of residence permit

PRO ASYL sup­ports an infor­ma­ti­on net­work on asyl­um, which offers hel­pful infor­ma­ti­on she­ets for refu­gees, sup­ports and advi­sors. You will find infor­ma­ti­on on the inter­view in the asyl­um pro­ce­du­re in Alba­ni­an, Amha­ric, Ara­bic, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Rus­si­an and other lan­guages, along with basic infor­ma­ti­on for asyl­um see­kers in Ara­bic, Eng­lish and German.


Afgha­ni­stan is not a safe coun­try for refu­gees, and most cer­tain­ly not a safe coun­try of ori­gin in accordance with Ger­man asyl­um law. Nevertheless, from Decem­ber 2016 Ger­ma­ny has resu­med depor­ta­ti­ons to Afgha­ni­stan after having sus­pen­ded returns to Afgha­ni­stan for 12 years. This deve­lo­p­ment has led to gro­wing fears and uncer­tain­ties among the Afghan com­mu­ni­ty and its sup­por­ters. Howe­ver, any claims that Afghans would not have any chan­ce of being gran­ted asyl­um in Ger­ma­ny or that any Afghan could be depor­ted are wrong.

Afghan refu­gees, their sup­por­ters, coun­sellors and lawy­ers can and should con­ti­nue to demand and exer­cise their rights and to oppo­se the fab­ri­ca­ti­on that Afgha­ni­stan would be a safe place to be retur­ned to. Here they can find some use­ful advice. Welcome2Europe also pro­vi­des hel­pful information.

Helpful links for refugees

A lot of use­ful infor­ma­ti­on for refu­gees in Ger­ma­ny is avail­ab­le, espe­cial­ly on the inter­net. We pre­sent some of the­se web­sites to give an over­view about dif­fe­rent topics con­cer­ning migrants in Ger­ma­ny – Lear­ning Ger­man, Health Care, Edu­ca­ti­on, Housing, etc: Hel­pful links for refugees

Information on programmes for the entry and reception of Syrian refugees

The federal and sta­te governments in Ger­ma­ny have adop­ted dif­fe­rent ent­ry and recep­ti­on pro­gram­mes for Syri­an refu­gees, which in some cases have alrea­dy expi­red. The pro­gram­mes are inten­ded to help Syri­ans living in Ger­ma­ny to arran­ge for their rela­ti­ves to join them. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, the­re are many bureau­cra­tic hurd­les invol­ved, and the num­ber of pla­ces avail­ab­le is far too small. We have com­pi­led basic infor­ma­ti­on on ent­ry pro­gram­mes for Syri­an refu­gees for you here.

External information: »Welcome to Europe«

The initia­ti­ve »Wel­co­me to Euro­pe« offers Eng­lish-lan­guage infor­ma­ti­on for refu­gees and migrants that could be hel­pful on their jour­ney to – and through – Euro­pe. The com­pre­hen­si­ve ran­ge of infor­ma­ti­on is struc­tu­red by topic and country.

Europe-wide list of refugee organisations

The »Euro­pean Legal Net­work on Asyl­um« (ELENA) of the Euro­pean Coun­cil on Refu­gees and Exi­les (ECRE) offers con­ta­ct infor­ma­ti­on on orga­ni­sa­ti­ons and lawy­ers offe­ring legal advice for refu­gees and asyl­um seekers. – information about countries of origin

The Euro­pean Coun­try of Ori­gin Infor­ma­ti­on Net­work ( collects infor­ma­ti­on for the spe­ci­fic needs of lawy­ers, refu­gee advi­sors and aut­ho­ri­ties who deci­de on asyl­um app­li­ca­ti­ons and app­li­ca­ti­ons for other forms of inter­na­tio­nal pro­tec­tion in Europe.