Here we want to give you basic information on frequently asked questions. This can generally not replace an individual advice session but can be a help.

First aid against Dublin deportations

A large number of all asylum seekers in Germany are at risk of being deported to other EU states, where the conditions for refugees are frequently unacceptable. The brochure “Erste Hilfe gegen Dublin-Abschiebungen” offers an overview of the legal framework, the central decisions and tips for possible counter-strategies.

Informationsverbund Asyl: Guides to refugee law and different forms of residence permit

PRO ASYL supports an information network on asylum, which offers helpful information sheets for refugees, supports and advisors. You will find information on the interview in the asylum procedure in Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Russian and other languages, along with basic information for asylum seekers in Arabic, English and German.


Afghanistan is not a safe country for refugees, and most certainly not a safe country of origin in accordance with German asylum law. Nevertheless, from December 2016 Germany has resumed deportations to Afghanistan after having suspended returns to Afghanistan for 12 years. This development has led to growing fears and uncertainties among the Afghan community and its supporters. However, any claims that Afghans would not have any chance of being granted asylum in Germany or that any Afghan could be deported are wrong.

Afghan refugees, their supporters, counsellors and lawyers can and should continue to demand and exercise their rights and to oppose the fabrication that Afghanistan would be a safe place to be returned to. Here they can find some useful advice. Welcome2Europe also provides helpful information.

Helpful links for refugees

A lot of useful information for refugees in Germany is available, especially on the internet. We present some of these websites to give an overview about different topics concerning migrants in Germany – Learning German, Health Care, Education, Housing, etc: Helpful links for refugees

Information on programmes for the entry and reception of Syrian refugees

The federal and state governments in Germany have adopted different entry and reception programmes for Syrian refugees, which in some cases have already expired. The programmes are intended to help Syrians living in Germany to arrange for their relatives to join them. Unfortunately, there are many bureaucratic hurdles involved, and the number of places available is far too small. We have compiled basic information on entry programmes for Syrian refugees for you here.

External information: »Welcome to Europe«

The initiative »Welcome to Europe« offers English-language information for refugees and migrants that could be helpful on their journey to – and through – Europe. The comprehensive range of information is structured by topic and country.

Europe-wide list of refugee organisations

The »European Legal Network on Asylum« (ELENA) of the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) offers contact information on organisations and lawyers offering legal advice for refugees and asylum seekers. – information about countries of origin

The European Country of Origin Information Network ( collects information for the specific needs of lawyers, refugee advisors and authorities who decide on asylum applications and applications for other forms of international protection in Europe.